Beacon Electrical is a proud to be a Boston area business.
Beacon Electrical always has what you need in stock.
From the smallest to the largest items - Becon Electrical is your reliable partner.
Beacon Electrical stocks all types of electrical wire and accessories.

Beacon Electrical - The power of inventory.

Since July 1990 Beacon Electrical Distributors in Medford, MA has always believed how important a strong inventory is for our customers. We feel that in this day and age inventory should be available NOW, when you need it, NOT, we can get it for you tomorrow. That's The Power of Inventory.

As a family owned business Beacon Electrical Distributors/Wholesalers can handle all your electrical needs, including wire, cable, switchgear, lighting and more. So please visit Beacon Electrical Distributors/Wholesalers today and let us be your electrical supplier.